Get a grip on your electricity costs

Amid rising energy costs, land and wind is a resource that most farmers still have in plentiful supply and no more so than in the western counties of Ireland. The opportunity is there now for farmers and rural home owners to grasp control of their electricity costs.

While not all sites will be suitable, a good site with a high quality 6kW wind turbine will generate about two to three times as much electricity as the average rural home uses in a year. This means that an additional income can be generated by selling the excess power back to the ESB. The benefit in the first year of operation alone, from savings generated and income from selling the excess, would be in the region of €1,900 to €2,900. The greater your electrical usage and the better your wind, the greater the savings. Even with a conservative estimate of electricity costs, such an installation would pay for itself within six to 13 years (depending on rate of energy cost inflation and available wind resource ).

The Eoltec Scirocco 6kW wind turbine uses the best wind technology for the highest performance in its class. This turbine can withstand the highest wind speeds (in excess of 135mph ) and continues to generate electricity at these high wind speeds (this is a necessary attribute for a wind turbine in the west of Ireland ), as well as achieving the best possible energy yield in the prevailing low and medium wind speeds.

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