Get the most from your home with Eco Efficiency

Eco Efficiency Ireland was set up in 2007 by Paul Garvey in order to help people make their homes and businesses more energy efficient and people friendly.

Whether you are interested in finding out the most cost effective improvements to make to your home or you have a refurbishment project coming up and you need advice on the most suitable renewable systems for your particular site, Eco Efficiency can help.

In addition to providing energy audits and BERs the company employs additional diagnostic tools such as air tightness testing and thermal imaging equipment to ensure unrivalled quality of service with a quick turnaround.

Paul Garvey says that a couple of the easiest and cheapest improvements to make to any house are to improve the attic insulation (which should be 12 inches of fibreglass insulation under current regulations ) and to control ventilation as much as possible. Typical areas of uncontrolled ventilation would include open chimneys. If you were to hold a sheet of newspaper at the top of your fireplace frame, would the bottom end be sucked up the chimney flue? If the answer is yes, then you can see what is happening to all the heat in your house.

The Eco Efficiency chimney damper is fitted below the chimney flue and above the flue starter. When the damper is in place and closed no draught will enter the sitting room from the chimney, conversely no heat from your home will be sucked up the chimney. When the fire is alight you can half close the damper; this will reflect a portion of the heat back into the room. It will also lessen the draw on the fire, slowing the burning process and increasing the efficiency of one fire load of fuel. This will also reduce your carbon dioxide emissions as less energy from your central heating system will be required to adequately heat your house because no heat is being wasted due to an open chimney flue.

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