School pupils to suffer as bus fee payment system modified

Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny TD, has condemned the adjustments to school transport fees where pupils must pay bus fees for the full year rather than the two-term payment system. Many families will be affected as the normal fees have already skyrocketed but now they must also pay the full annual payment even if only using the service for one term.  

Deputy Kenny said: “We have already witnessed the rise of school bus fees for pupils where some families are being forced to pay €650 per annum for school transport adding to their financial worries. Now this payment must be made to cover the full school year despite the service not necessarily being required by families on that basis. It is common sense that this approach will not accommodate the requirements of people using this service and is an unfortunate reflection upon school transport in this country.  

“I urge the Minister for Education and Science to revert to the original system where families could use the service that best suited them and they could pay accordingly.”



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