Balla Mart report

On Saturday February 6 Balla Mart held its weekly sale where 800 lots were sold in three rings.

There was a strong trade for all lots with bullock prices up €10 to €20 on last week. There were extra farmers and northern buyers in attendance.

Bullocks averaged from €152.83 to €173.49 per 100kg while heifers were making €142.40 to €176.02 per 100kg.


295kg CHX €595, 395kg LMX €790, 495kg LMX €875, 655kg CHX €1,140, 865kg CHX €1,350, 960kg CHX €1,640.


295kg CHX €630, 385kg LMX €785, 485kg SI €925, 550kg LMX €1,100, 645kg LMX €1,050.

Bull weanlings

165kg LM €400, 335kg LMX €675, 423kg BBX €930, 650kg AAX €1,020.

Heifer weanlings

325kg LMX €670, 390kg LMX €700.

There were 67 cows on offer, and one springer due next week made €1,410.

On Saturday February 13 there will be a special sale for 40 in-calf cows due to calf from March 1 onwards to PB Char and Lim bulls. Also a special U and R grade weanling sale.



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