February stove sale at Glynn’s Claremorris

Everyone is more aware of heating systems since the recent cold spell and Sustainable Energy Ireland is still offering a grant of €700 to upgrade your oil boiler and heating controls. These new condensing oil boilers are 30 per cent more efficient than your existing oil boiler. That’s a saving of €300 on every €1,000 spent on oil.

On top of that, if you fit the heating controls, you will only have the oil boiler running when you need heat. So for example, at present you might have the boiler coming on for a few hours in the evening and again in the morning. Some nights it is too hot, more nights it is too cold. Well, with the heating controls you have a thermostat in the hall or living room and a thermostat on the cylinder in the hot press, and you can decide what temperature you want on both of these yourself. Heating controls cost only €150 to buy and you can get a grant of €500 from SEI to put them in to any house built before 2006.

If you change the boiler, then the grant goes up to €700.

Application forms for the grants are available online through a link to the SEI website from www.glynns.ie Tom and Pat in Glynn’s Homevalue Hardware and Energy Centre, Claremorris, would be delighted to help you apply for the grant if you need any help. Contact them on 094 937 7987. Also, look out for Glynn’s massive stove sale which kicks off on Monday February 1 with up to €250 off various models. The sale will run for the whole month of February. This is another great opportunity to get better value out of your fuel as stoves are up to 80 per cent efficient. Anyone with a stove really appreciated the benefits from it during the recent cold spell and enjoyed its savings.

Contact Glynn’s Homevalue Hardware and Energy Centre, Unit 17, Lakeside Retail Park, Claremorris, 094 937 7987.


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