€2,000 for Midfield Development Association

An allocation of €2,000 has been announced for Midfield Development Association under the Clár Bilingual Signage Scheme. The scheme provides funding towards the erection of private, community, and townland bilingual signs.

  Funding is provided through a two-way equal funding split between Clár and a local community/private contribution subject to a maximum of €2,000 per project from Clár for village/townland signage and €1,000 per project from Clár for private village signage.

The allocation has been welcomed by Minister for Labour Affairs Dara Calleary. “I wish to pay tribute to the community spirit which prevails in Midfield,” he said. “I greatly admire and commend the dedication and commitment of the development association to this project.

“This community spirit is evident through the continued use of this scheme and other schemes under the Clár programme which focus on rural communities in Ireland,” said Minister Calleary.


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