St Patrick’s Drama group gear up for Makem and Clancy are Coming

Finishing touches: Joe O'Malley, Tom Navin, Marty Curry and Tony Varley, in rehearsals for St Patrick’s Drama Group’s new show.

Finishing touches: Joe O'Malley, Tom Navin, Marty Curry and Tony Varley, in rehearsals for St Patrick’s Drama Group’s new show.

This light-hearted, reminiscent play Makem and Clancy are Coming tells the story of two middle-aged brothers living in a small sea-side village in Ireland in the 1970’s.  Like most siblings their characters couldn’t be more different – Peter McCormack (played by Tony Varley ) oozes sensitivity with a poetic approach to life whilst Michael, his brother (played by Liam MacNamara ) prefers to use his quick wit with the bluntness of a sledgehammer!

The play opens with Peter busily getting the house ready for a greatly anticipated visit by his good friends, the internationally renowned folk singers, Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy (played by Tom Navin and Marty Curry ) who are touring Ireland at the peak of their career in the seventies. This of course is not sitting too well with Michael, who makes no secret of his resentment of the fact that his home is practically being made into a shrine for the two lads – especially since the prospect of his hero, namely Zorro (played by Declan Askin ), ever visiting this tiny village on the west coast of Ireland is very far from reality. The only place Michael will ever see Zorro is on TV! He also must listen to his brother pine incessantly for his lost love, Catherine (played by Marie Crowley ) who moved to America 25 years earlier. Michael tries to encourage a relationship between Peter and the recently widowed Sadie Brennan (played by newcomer to the stage Marion Moran ), a woman who is undoubtedly enamoured by Peter! But is Michael’s favouritism for Sadie a cover-up for something a bit more calculated on his part? The audience are also introduced to Jimbo (played by newcomer to the stage Joe O’Malley ), a good friend and neighbour of the McCormacks  - an amusing and endearing character.

The audience will be treated to snippets of some familiar renditions of the Makem and Clancy classics, which add particular warmth to this cleverly written play. It is worth noting, however, that this production is a three act play, that features the characters of Makem and Clancy - it is in no way biographical of the folk legends, nor indeed is it a complete re-enactment of a Makem and Clancy musical concert! This brand new three-act comedy has been written by one of the groups own members, Ciarán MacSuibhne, who will also direct the play which is in the final stages of rehearsals.

The group will stage the play in Scoil Phádraig National School, Altamount St, Westport, Co. Mayo for four nights -Tuesday January 26 to Friday January 29. The show will start at 8pm nightly. The box office will be open at Dyars Jewellers, Bridge St., Westport from today, Friday, January 15 and tickets are already being booked and are selling fast on 086 860 9981


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