Dancing Hours at the Mill Times Hotel

A new concept in entertainment has begun in the Mill Times Hotel (formerly the Westport Inn Hotel ). Each Sunday evening, a live band will take the stage in the beautifully appointed O Malley Banqueting suite, commencing at 9pm and playing all the oldies and popular tunes of the past decades. Traditionally, Sunday evenings were always family and couples nights out but with the end of the Celtic Tiger and the subsequent “doom and gloom” this quality time seems to have got squeezed out of everyday life. While lamenting this decline in the social scene, proprietor of The Mill Times hotel, Joe O Malley, and renowned showband maestro. Vinnie Mongan elected to attempt and change this downturn in the social week. As Vinnie says, “over the years I know that the general public love to socialise, listen to good music and dance. Historically, most of the dancing would be done at weddings and various functions but we want to give people the opportunity to enjoy an evening out, be entertained and have the freedom to dance and express themselves. The beauty of this Sunday evening idea is that folk can come of their own wish, without invite, to dance, there is no wedding expense and all can be at home at a civil hour to rise for work on Monday morning.” And Vinnie, while performing himself with his band, promises various acts throughout the season.

It would be delightful to see the Ireland of old re-emerge, with an avenue for quality time being spent amongst couples, families and friends. And Joe O Malley is fully behind the idea. “I would dearly love to see the people that were used to coming out on Sunday evenings, and, for whatever reason are not doing so get back out again. Along with the social interaction, the exercise will be great.”

The dance evenings commenced September 21 with the first dance kicking off at 9pm sharp. For those looking to book a band for a wedding or any other social festivity this offers a chance to review the various acts that will play over the Sunday evenings.

So with the advent of the longer evenings, on with the glad rags and take to the floor with Jive Buddies on Sunday 28 September and Vinnie Mongan and Restless on October 5 at the Mill Times Hotel, Westport.


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