Protester gave undertaking in court not to protest

A Shell to Sea campaigner gave a sworn undertaking at Ballina District Court this week that he would not partake in any protests in relation to Shell to Sea until after September 2010, when a suspended sentence which was imposed on the Glenamoy man last year would expire.

Martin McDonnell, Bunalty, Glenamoy, appeared before Judge Patrick Clyne, who imposed a suspended sentenced on the defendant in 2008 for trespassing during protests. The conditions attached to the suspended sentence were that McDonnell keeps the peace, is of good behaviour, and that he keeps away from Corrib Gas terminal and the Glengad yard. However in September 2009, McDonnell was convicted at Belmullet District Court of public order and obstruction charges.

Solicitor for McDonnell, Alan Gannon, asked the judge to consider not activating the sentence as the 44-year-old man who lives with his mother has kept away from the two areas mentioned in the suspended sentence conditions and was before the court due to the fact that he took part in a protest rally, where an unmarked Garda car was blocked in and surrounded by protesters.

Judge Clyne did not impose the jail sentence on McDonnell and instead the judge applied an additional condition to the suspended sentence in that the defendant would give an undertaking that he would not take part in any protest until September 9 2010.


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