Lithuanian event in Ballinrobe

A major event dedicated to Felix Waitkus will take place in Ballinrobe town starting at 6pm on Saturday October 10 and finishing at 4.30pm on October 11. The event is dedicated to Felix Waitkus and his flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Seventy four years ago American Lithuanian Waitkus successfully flew over the Atlantic; unfortunately due to bad weather conditions he was forced to make an emergency landing in an open field near Ballinrobe town.

This left a big impression on the friendly and understanding Irish people and they kept the memory of this brave man by inaugurating a monument in 2007 in Ballinrobe. In memory of the pilot’s flight, a Lithuanian school was opened in 2007 and was named after Felix Waitkus.

Since then it has become an annual tradition for Lithuanians in Ireland to celebrate his heroic deed and to meet people from all over the country, introducing them to the history of Mayo. The friendly Irish-Lithuanian community have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the celebration of Felix Waitkus’ flight over the Atlantic is as memorable as possible. This year the event is expecting visitors from the Lithuanian embassy in Ireland. A new ambassador and representatives from the Lithuanian government are making their way to Ballinrobe. They have also invited Lithuanian school delegations from Dublin, Monaghan, Cork, and Trim.

Especially for this occasion the theatre from Lithuania is taking part and performing a comedy play called The Women. After the performance traditional games, singing, and dancing will take place.


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