Below cost sale of alcohol resulting in anti-social behaviour

Underage drinking and the anti-social behaviour attached to it is a direct result of under-cost selling of alcohol in supermarkets.

That’s according to County Councillor Joe Mellett, who has proposed that a minimum cost for alcohol being sold in supermarkets should be introduced to make it less accessible to young people.

Cllr Mellett was speaking at the joint policing committee meeting on Monday where he said it was too cheap for young people to buy 24 cans and bring them up to the local woods to drink. He made the point that young people wouldn’t leave until all the cans were drunk. He said the relevant minister should be asked to deal with the issue of under-cost selling of alcohol.

A committee member highlighted a further problem which exists when older people buy underage people alcohol. He said it was difficult for gardaí to prove unless they actually see the drink being handed over. He said that was another issue which needed to be tackled.


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