Make your website work for your business

Penny for penny (or cent for cent ) your company or business website is without doubt the most important and the most cost effective marketing tool you will ever possess for you and your business. It’s probably fair to say that most people in business 'expect' your business to have a website. So what are the major benefits of owning a fully functioning website to you and your business?   

 Time: Your website is open for business 24 hours a day - 365 days a year, its working for you when you are not.

 Increased market size: Any business website presence broadens the market reach for your business both locally and internationally. For instance local retailers can market/sell products across the country or the world where before they were perhaps limited by logistics or local advertising.

Reduced information distribution costs: Its probably fair to say that practically every business distributes some sort of information whether its a brochure, technical specifications, catalogs, order forms, etc. A business website allows you to provide that information in real time when the customer needs it at no cost.

Increased sales: If your business website includes an online shopping cart or e-commerce solution you can increase your sales with access to a national and global market.

Customers: As mentioned above, if you are in business today it wouldn't be unrealistic to say that your customers expect you to have a website. This expectation requires you to have some sort of interactive web presence. It makes it possible to both automate information and customer service. Owning a well optimised and effective website will help your business survive and thrive in this challenging economic environment.

 Designwest in Kiltimagh excel in offering cost effective and fully functioning websites that are uniquely tailored for you, your budget and your business. Whether you are just a small start up business or an existing established business that perhaps requires a revamped website designwest have the necessary skills and more importantly the experience to help. Call designwest to discuss your website or design requirements on 094 938 2000 or email [email protected] or for more tips on setting up your website visit the homepage on


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