Mind yourself — keep on track

New research conducted by Lundbeck (Ireland ) Ltd has found that over half of those who have experienced depression discontinued their course of medicine before it was finished.

Commenting on the research, Dr Jogin Thakore, consultant psychiatrist and clinical director, St Vincent's Hospital, Fairview, said: “Many patients begin to feel better within a few weeks of taking their medicine and sometimes assume that the depression has gone away, but it is recommended that antidepressants are taken for a minimum of between six to 12 months in order to prevent the depression relapsing. The risk of depression recurring increases three times if you stop your course of medicine before it is complete,” he said.

A new information booklet, Mind Yourself – Keep on Track, is being launched by Lundbeck (Ireland ) Ltd to help people living with depression to recover by taking their medication properly for the recommended length of time, so as to avoid relapse. The leaflet provides useful information to help people recover from depression by going through the stages of recovery and also gives tips for remembering to take medication properly. The booklet also has helpful tips for people who have depression but do not need to take medication. It is available free by calling 01 468 9800 and will be distributed via GP surgeries and retail pharmacies.


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