Castlebar taxi driver convicted for overcharging

Taxi driver Seamus Canning, Garryduff Court, Castlebar, was convicted and fined €100 at Castlebar District Court on Wednesday for overcharging after the Commission for Taxi Regulation issued proceedings for three breaches against the taxi regulation act, with Judge Mary Devins saying that while the prosecution was legitimately brought, a “very, very, very large sledgehammer” was used to crack a “very, very, very small peanut”.

Last month the court heard how Canning charged taxi enforcement officers €5 for a €4.10 journey. In defence, Canning said that some taxis in town are only charging €5 for a local fare, even if it would cost more that €5.

On Wednesday Judge Devins convicted and fined Canning €100 and ordered that a contribution of €400 be paid towards costs.


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