Adebisi Shank to play Finbar Hoban Presents

Finbar Hoban Proudly presents… one of Ireland’s up and coming groups to Castlebar Bar Ritz (Mulroys Bar ) next Saturday night June 13, instrumental rock group Adebisi Shank. Adebisi Shank is an electric, energetic loud band from Wexford. Taking their cue from acts such as Battles, Oxes and Lite, their debut LP This is the album of a band called Adebisi Shank shines through with rays of inventiveness that would teach a few of their contemporaries a thing or two in the art of writing, without ever leaning into the self indulgent persuasions many have fallen ill to when attempting this sort of art noise.

Creating a record of supreme layers and intricate execution by every means needs a good pair of hands at the helm, making sure everything fits into place. And everything fits in perfectly with J. Robbins (ex-Jawbox singer ) and production mastermind behind records from Mock Orange, Faraquet, Ponytail, Disememberment Plan, Texas Is The Reason, Against Me and many more having headed this trio’s debut.

The record was recorded in June of 2008 at the famous Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore and was mastered at the Inner Ear Studios by Aloha guitarist TJ Lipple. With the approval of such highly respected musical individuals its already evident that this little three-piece from Wexford will be making huge waves in and amongst the ever growing field of experimental, polyrhythmic, precision based music lovers.

Already picking up plenty of music fans on their path, they have also picked up interest of filmmakers and producers alike. Their music has been featured in films such as Danger High Voltage! which has just won The Galway Film Fleadh amd which was aired at The Electric Picnic Festival last year.

With a tour of Japan under their belts with Lite and having toured the UK shores with Marvin’s Revolt and bombasted through Ireland and Europe many a time, Adebisi Shank need no introduction to how things are achieved. Rock Magazine in the UK has since stated, “Adebisi Shank are one of the most exciting live bands in Ireland right now”

Support on the night will come from one man band Kyon from Limerick, Kyon makes music with a drum machine, a sampler, a bass, and various guitars. He has just released his first EP Read Between The Lines which is out now and available to buy from Itunes. The album is almost entirely instrumental, containing songs that last longer than seven minutes. Amazingly well recorded and a must-have for anyone who likes to listen to innovative and experimental music. Make sure you check this guy out as he is guaranteed to make a deep impression on the night.

Vox Populi again from Limerick will kick the night’s proceedings off, comprising Aaron Duff (guitars ), Keefe Murphy (bass ) and Barry O Halloran (drums ). They have just bought out their first EP recorded by Mark O’Connor who has recorded acts such as Give a Man a kick, We Should Be Dead, and Ten Past Seven. The Vox Populi sound is their unique blend of kraurock and post-rock which creates an eerie melodic groove. With the inclusion of an unorthodox second bass guitar, their sound is moulded around fierce tribal drumbeats while duelling basses deliver a powerful and raw punch to the stomach with every note, and incomprehensible guitar lines into delightful noise. Special guest DJ Small Paul will be playing a wide range of alternative tunes in-between the live music. The live entertainment keeps on coming next Saturday night June 13 at Bar Ritz Castlebar, show starts at 9pm and admission is €5.



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