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Maura Ginty of Gintax

Maura Ginty of Gintax

Gintax is a tax advisory practice providing advice on all things tax to businesses and individuals, and was set up by entrepreneur and business owner Maura Ginty, who explains: "We focus on complicated areas of tax – matters like inheritance, sale of business and other niche areas like EIIS tax relief. We complement the work of accountants and solicitors – who often engage us directly to assist on client projects."

Outlining why she saw a need for the services offered by Gintax, Maura adds: "The professional services industry will become a lot more specialised in the next few years but for most clients, the first port of call should be your accountant or solicitor (if you have one ). These advisors will have the knowledge and practical experience to deal with most queries, which may be unique to you, but which are likely to have come across their desk before!

"My firm specialises in the queries that can not be dealt with by the local adviser – either because it is complicated, unusual or high value. Tax has become a lot more complicated in the last 20 years, there are still lots of reliefs available but they can be difficult to navigate, especially considering all the anti-avoidance rules.

"We advise all businesses, the sector does not matter, the tax rules apply equally to all! However, the nature of tax is that businesses generally require our advice at start-up stage (especially if taking on new investors ) or the endgame – planning for succession, retirement or sale."

Perfect fit for Gintax at LEC

The Leeson Enterprise Centre has proved to be a perfect fit for Gintax as it complements Maura's business requirements. She explains: "My business is relatively new, established in 2020 and having access to the Centre made it so much easier for logistics as a new business. The meeting room facilities are superb and a perfect environment for meeting clients – it is also a very convenient location – everyone knows where the train station is, and we are directly across from it!"

Having previously worked in a large accountancy practice in Dublin prior to establishing Gintax, Maura also very much enjoys the experience of being her own boss. "I much prefer this SME market and dealing with business owners directly. My main aim is to solve a problem quickly and efficiently and not let tax be an issue in a client’s business."

Growth and expansion for all

The busyness Maura has witnessed among the businesses at the Leeson Enterprise Centre over the past two years has matched her own success in Gintax.

"Even though my business is new, I am at a stage of growth where I would like to hire an experienced tax adviser (accountancy qualified ) and, as with everyone recruiting in this market, that will not be easy. However, I am a lot more confident for the professional services market in the West than a few years ago - the flexible working model is a game-changer here.

"I also hope the Centre can expand in space and more businesses will join, more teams. I really enjoy meeting others in the canteen and having informal chats – we are all very different markets, but it is amazing how similar we are in outlook!"

In keeping with her expertise in simplifying complex financial matters, Maura is equally succinct when it comes to offering advice to others wanting to set up in business.

"Just do it!", she says. "There will always be an excuse, I found excuses for about five years before I took the plunge."


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