Free child health guide

A simple guide called Common Ailments in Babies and Young Children, launched today by the Irish Pharmacy Union, gives a snapshot of the most common illnesses that children get and what parents can do to treat their child. It also gives advice on how to administer medicines safely to children. The guide is available free in pharmacies nationwide.

Ailments such as colds, coughs, croup, pain and fever, teething, colic, nappy rash, colic, and diarrhoea are covered in the guide. It lists the symptoms, the treatment, general healthcare advice, and guidelines on when to see a doctor if conditions persist or don’t improve.

Mayo pharmacist Noel Stenson, from Achill Pharmacy, Achill Island, said: “Babies and young children are susceptible to common infections and bugs, especially when they start mixing with other children. Most of the time the child is not in danger however, it is advisable that parents are aware of the most common conditions and some of the main symptoms and treatments related to conditions such as fever, nappy rash, teething and colds.

“Your local pharmacist is your first port of call if you are concerned about a child and need to speak to someone in confidence.”


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