Laura McDonald - Eden Wellness

Laura McDonald is a women’s wellness practitioner, who uses a range of techniques to help guide you toward personal and professional success.

Whether you have a fear or phobia you want to get past, a habit you want to stop, or a situation you’d like more confidence in, Laura can help by using hypnotherapy, BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT ), and Coaching.

Laura explained: "Hypnosis can be described as complete focus on a particular idea or concept, to the exclusion of anything else, and we utilise our imagination to do this. BWRT works with the neural pathways in the brain, allowing us to change our response to any situation or memory that causes us distress or discomfort.

"Coaching helps you to find the resources within yourself, to maximise your potential in different areas of life including relationships, career, health, lifestyle, rest, play, and so on.

"Issues include hypnosis for childbirth, anger management, stress management, smoking cessation, sports performance, exam nerves/focus, dealing with difficult people, and so much more."

Laura also runs small group meditation sessions and reports that past attendees have said that these have helped them improve their sleep dramatically, as well as helping them to clear the mind, deal with daily life in a more calm manner, and to have a general sense of wellbeing all round.

Laura continued: "Over the past couple of years, more and more people have discovered the importance of learning to find comfort with being still, and how it can increase concentration, enhance creativity, and lower stress levels dramatically."

Laura has been working in Castlebar for a number of years and will be opening her own centre on Newline in March/April 2022. Appointments are available in person and online.

To find out more, please visit her website or send an email to [email protected] and Laura will be in touch.


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