Remove unwanted hair at the speed of light - forever - at Pauline Cawley's

It is estimated that over 80 per cent of women and an increasing number of men use some form of treatment for the removal of unwanted hair.

The practice of hair removal is not new and has been around since Roman and Ancient Egypt where the lack of body hair was seen as a sign of higher class.

For some it is a necessity, for others it is vanity. Shaving is the most popular form followed by waxing. Both involve daily if not weekly treatment and the latter involves a significant amount of discomfort.

Over their lifetime, it is estimated that the average woman spends €17,000 on waxing as it is a never-ending inconvenient, painful and costly process.

The future, however, has arrived at Pauline Cawley Skin & Beauty Clinic in Castlebar. Pauline Cawley Skin & Beauty Clinic is the first salon in Ireland to offer the new Primelase laser treatment, which can remove unwanted hair at the speed of light in a painless and permanent procedure.

Whilst laser hair removal is now well established most existing lasers tend to be uncomfortable and slow, with the new Primelase system you will feel no pain and treatment is very fast, as a result prices are now affordable, saving many thousands of euros over time.

How does it work?

The Primelase laser uses a specific wavelength of light that is selectively absorbed by the melanin, the dark pigment surrounding each hair follicle.

The melanin conducts the heat from the laser down to the hair root and heats up and cuts off the blood flow to the follicle, permanently disabling and removing the hair. Pulsing at three pulses per second it is extremely fast yet with the inbuilt skin cooling keeping the skin at a cool five degrees, you will hardly feel anything.

How many treatments are required ?

At any one time only 30% of the hairs in the skin are visible on the surface, the others are dormant, so typically six sessions are required for maximum clearance.

Is it permanent?

As Primelase uses high power, the hairs treated will not grow back. During and after your course your skin will be hair-free, so no more shaving or waxing. Primelase is suitable for men and women, all skin types and all hair types, apart from white or grey hairs

Pauline Cawley Skin and Beauty Clinic offers a free consultation to explain how the treatment works and to check your suitability.


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