Cupping therapy at Anne Tobin Beauty Clinic

Anne Tobin has recently trained in Oncology Aesthetics .

Anne Tobin has recently trained in Oncology Aesthetics .

Cupping is a body therapy that originated with Chinese Medicine. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction and positive circulation.

The suction facilitates healing with increased blood flow. It restores the Yin and Yang helping to energise the body and reduce negative symptoms. Cupping increases blood circulation, promotes cell repair, cell regrowth, relieves muscular tension, forms new connective tissue, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, protects the immune system.

The cups can also be applied to Tsubo points or acupressure points, increasing healing and clearing blocked energy.

Anne also has a Lymphatic machine for Oedema and fluid drainage. She has recently qualified as an Oncologist Aestheticienne and is offering a pamper hour for clients with pre and post cancer diagnosois.

Dermalogica skin care mapping is a popular treatment for all your skincare needs. Sensitive erythema 'redskin' is a problem for many and Dermalogica have the ideal Ultracalming range to treat this condition.

Anne also gives expert advice on the power and importance of SPF. Microdermabrasion and LED treatments are available for a smooth skin and also as a deep cleansing treatment along with Galvanic for clearing and moisturising the dermis.

Anne has a unique Microneedling machine that controls depth and speed. This treatment treats scars, pigmentation, wrinkles and drooping skin and uses Hyaluronic fluid along with the treatment for maximum hydration.

The use of an LED diode is also an excellent treatment for skin problems and is also a great Covid facial. She also offers allergy testing, which is available for €100.

Another popular service offered by Anne is sports injury treatments and Anne has many years experience as a sports therapist. Anne also runs a busy beauty college and she offers courses in nail technology, tanning, make-up, threading, massage and more.

For more information contact Anne on (094 ) 9026741 or [email protected] or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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