JCI Mayo host web work shop on feedback tonight  

Effective feedback, both positive and negative, is very helpful to us as individuals and in business. JCI Mayo have invited The Growth Strategist, Simon Haigh, to share his insights on this topic, and give attendees the tools and techniques they need so that ‘feedback’ ceases to be a scary word.

Giving feedback to your colleagues and employees provides them with a different insight into how their performance is progressing, and can be a constructive way to find solutions to any problems. For the person receiving the feedback, it is a great practice that can lead to improving their skills and capabilities for the future, and can be used to make better informed decisions.

But yet, when people hear the word 'feedback', they often fear being criticized and can get defensive, therefore misunderstanding the observation and leading to conflict. Knowing that people can sometimes take this feedback personally, however well intentioned it may be, can then result in effective feedback not being communicated.

This is why we all need to learn how to both give and receive feedback and JCI Mayo are delighted that Simon will be sharing his knowledge on this topic and giving people of all ages across the county the opportunity to increase their confidence and capabilities in this area.

Simon’s clients include high performing leaders, companies, business schools, professional organizations and government bodies globally. Through his work, he has helped organisations and leaders unlock, build and sustain business, leadership, brand and mindset growth via coaching, consulting, training, publications, speaking and e-learning programs.

His work and two of his books – How to be a Better Dealcloser and Dealmaking for Corporate Growth - are endorsed the likes of Marshall Goldsmith and he is an associate member of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Organisation.

This one hour online workshop will begin at 7.30pm on Tuesday, June 15, and will be delivered via Zoom. Tickets are €10 and registration is essential on Eventbrite. The link to get tickets is on all JCI Mayo social platforms and directly here: https://linktr.ee/jcimayo. 


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