Low cost mental health services from Helplink Mental Health

Helplink Mental Health is a west of Ireland charitable organisation that provides free or low cost mental health services; seven days a week and out-of-hours. These services are available for all.

Lochlann Scott, CEO of Helplink, explained their services saying: "We have been providing our suite of counselling services for children, young people and adults alike since 2012 from Galway and in 2019 we opened up a second office in Mayo. This year we have also launched our mental wellness information and education services through our new online platform called Mind Hacks.ie

"During these significantly trying times on our mental wellbeing, Helplink has been leading the way in providing support to people who are dealing with negative emotional issues. For example, we were the first organisation in the country to provide free counselling to people who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic; this service is still available, up until the end of lockdown measures.

"Furthermore, last year we launched Ireland’s first national Gambling Addiction Counselling service, this is also a free service and is available online seven days a week for anyone over 16 years of age dealing with a gambling addiction. In addition, this service is available for family members of people who are dealing with gambling addictions.

"Everyone, no matter what their age can use emotional wellbeing support and we have seen a huge rise in people seeking that support across all of our services.”

For more on Helplink’s services please go to www.helplink.ie or call (094 ) 9557007.


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