Carol Gregg is on hand to support you

I am a fully qualified and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist with a private practice located in Foxford, Co. Mayo.

I provide counselling and psychotherapy to adults and couples. Since the emergence of Covid-19, I have adapted my practice to include telephone and video counselling but also continue to see clients face-to-face. I have taken every precaution to keep my practice safe for my clients.

This latest lockdown has by far been the most challenging. Days stretch into weeks and there is no end in sight. We have been shown a ray of light with vaccines but the roll-out is slower than we had hoped, leaving people frustrated.

Many people are shutting out both mainstream and social media in order to help with mental health issues; endless streams of bad news is having a negative impact on mental health. The real toll on mental health may not be seen for many more months or years to come but the strain is really starting to show.

The issue that is presenting most in my practice at the moment is anxiety. The normal coping mechanisms people have, such as going to the gym, socialising, even just wandering around the shops, have been taken away.

What is most evident though is how resilient people are and how we have adapted and continue to adapt to this strange new world of ours. This has given rise to the opportunity to learn new coping skills that will help long into the future.

Counselling is conducted in a confidential and respectful environment and is catered to the individual needs of the client.

For more information contact Carol Gregg Dip., BSc (Hons ) on (087 ) 9707377 or email [email protected].


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