Public order charges for Christmas Eve brawl

Two Castlebar men, who got into an altercation with each other outside the Half Cut bar in Castlebar on Christmas Eve, faced public order charges at Castlebar District Court this week.

Garda John Gallagher outlined to the court that on December 24 at 10.45pm he was called to a disturbance on Rush Street, which involved Shane Flynn, Monument, Parke, Castlebar, and Lucien Scuvie, 16 The Willows, Springfield, Castlebar. Gda Gallagher observed Flynn being threatening to Scuvie, with Scuvie being restrained by three or four men. The garda said that there were a lot of verbals and bad language exchanged between the two, with Flynn making threatening and racist remarks to Scuvie, while Scuvie roared that he would kill Flynn.

Flynn was directed to leave the area but failed to comply, Scuvie, who according to Gda Gallagher “was out of control”, banged on bonnets of cars and refused to calm down—three gardaí restrained him.

Flynn told the court that he had about 10 pints that night and was in the bar with his friends. Scuvie was there was his own group of friends and made a comment to Flynn that he resembled a Santa Claus which was on the TV in the bar. Flynn said to Scuvie that it was not him but it was Scuvie’s mother. According to solicitor for Scuvie, James Ward, the defendant reacted badly to this comment as his mother had passed away the year before. Flynn said that he did not know that Scuvie’s mother was dead and denied making any racist comments, but said that he did taunt Scuvie.

Flynn, who is 20-years-old and is employed, had the Probation Act applied in 2007 for public order offences. Judge Mary Devins convicted and fined the defendant €300. As for Scuvie, who was not present, Judge Devins issued a benchwarrant for the defendant to appear in court before she would impose a sentence.


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