Foodie Save - gets ready to help businesses and the public alike

Foodie Save is an exciting new mobile app that will be launching in Mayo soon. It will be available for download at the beginning of August.

The Foodie Save app allows you to purchase perfectly good unsold surplus food from food retailers at a discounted rate of up to 65%

Founder and CEO, Eoin Heverin, welcomes businesses in the food service industry and invites them to get in touch, saying: "I know how much work goes into preparing the food that is sold in restaurants, hotels, café’s, delis and supermarkets, but I also know how frustrating it is when some of that great food has to be thrown out at the end of the business day.

"Foodie Save sells the surplus unsold food that these businesses usually have to discard of at the end of their business day - earning their business a new revenue stream, while also reducing their refuse costs. There are no catches - no contract - no sign up fee. We simply take a percentage of the sales.

"Our current partners love the simplicity of this model and we are proud to have some fantastic brands on board, including: SuperValu, Donnybrook Fair, The Art Of Coffee, Chopped, Londis, Maxol, plus approximately 20 fantastic local businesses partnered up for the Castlebar launch."

He continued:" One third of the world’s food production is wasted every year. It contributes to about eight per cent of the total greenhouse gas emissions.

"Foodie Save targets the perfectly edible and delicious portion of this food and sells it via the app to its customers. This has a direct and positive impact on the environment, which is another big draw for businesses to partner up. The app will also increase footfall instore for retail partners."

Castlebar Tidy Towns has thrown its full support behind the Foodie Save app. Chairman Alan Mee, speaking on behalf of the committee, commented: "As a gold medal-winning town in the annual Tidy Towns competition we are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage people and businesses.

"We are delighted to be onboard with Foodie Save to support this business and concept which will deliver real benefits for local businesses, the community and the environment. We are proud to have Castlebar Tidy Towns' name associated with it.”

In 2014, the total available marks for the SWRM (Sustainable Waste and Resource Management ) category increased from 20 to 50 marks for the Tidy Towns competition and waste reduction is high on the list of needs to be addressed.

Chairman Alan Mee continued "Foodie Save will reduce the amount of waste food that businesses in Castlebar produce and will put Castlebar on the map as the first town in Ireland to tackle food waste in this collaborative and innovative way.

Most importantly, the app will allow us to measure the amount of food waste that we as a town prevent. Foodie Save will provide valuable data on food waste and allow us to establish and track smart goals, so as a community we can gain year on year improvements. "

Eoin Commented “We are delighted with the fantastic support shown to us from the Castlebar Tidy Towns and are really looking forward to the collaboration .”


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