Weight loss at Anne Tobin Beauty Clinic

At Anne Tobin Beauty Clinic I understand the pitfalls of weight loss. Input of food must be less than output of energy and activity. This is the maths. Easier said than done you say. However I am here to guide you.

I use the Dr Winterklinic meal plan with marvellous results. Every client needs motivation and support when striving to get to their recommended normal BMI. This is what is medically recommended as a healthy person's guideline. I am here to give the support.

The plan includes an allergy test to pinpoint foods that the client has an intolerance to. In this way the foods that are toxic are identified and eliminated. The plan is designed for the client to lose at a safe rate of at least 4kg a week.

It works on the basis that insulin production is reduced in the body and weight loss is therefore speeded up. Insulin is the substance that breaks down sugar, so limiting fat storage.

The plan leads to a healthy change of lifestyle that helps identify and address the habits, behaviours and emotions at the root of the problem, so prepare to be transformed.

The plan works because it helps identify the physical and emotional reasons for weight gain and gives the tools to aid weight loss. Improve health by preventing type two diabetes and joint and muscular pain.

You'll find out why you turn to comfort eating when you are bored, stressed, tired , anxious, and upset. The plan includes healthy eating options to satisfy your cravings.

In order to achieve long-term goals, changes are encouraged. I will guide you with a long-term plan that will give you techniques to conquer your cravings, get off the diet roller coaster and achieve your goals.

You will not be hungry on this plan. Normal foods are eaten. The results speak for themselves and help you get rid of the sugar highs and lows. You will feel energised and will know the difference between hunger and cravings.

This advisory meal plan is strictly on a one-to-one basis and is private. Along with the plan you can have lymphatic drainage and G5 massage, which speeds up fluid retention and weight loss - all for the special offer of €150.

I am an anatomy and physiology lecturer, allergy specialiast and injury pain management therapist with many other qualifications. I also offer Beauty Classes.

Why not call Anne for free advice - she can also do consultations on ZOOM. For more information call (094 ) 9026741 or log on to [email protected].


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