Thirty Mayo households currently in emergency accommodation

Thirty households in Mayo are currently being homed in emergency accommodation.

The members of the Housing Strategic Policy Committee of Mayo County County Council were informed of the latest figures at their June meeting which took place this week.

Julie Ryan from the housing section of the local authority informed the committee members that there were 15 families and 15 individual cases being supplied with emergency accommodation by the council with three of those cases being housed in B&B/hotel accommodation - with the cases spread right across the county, but the largest number coming from the Castlebar area.

During there current Covid-19 crisis in the period from March to May this year, there were 15 homeless presentations to the council - 10 of which were single person presentations and five family unit presentations, with eight cases exiting emergency accommodation during the same time period.

Ms Ryan told the committee that the council drafted a document which comprehensively detailed its response to Covid-19 in relation to self isolation for homeless clients and members of the Travelling community - but fortunately there were no cases of Covid-19 among those communities and need for self isolation has not arisen to date.

She also informed the meeting that, to ensure that the council could assist members of the Travelling community with self isolation if the need arose due to Covid-19, the council purchased two portacabins to act as self isolation units - but there has been no requirement to date to use the facilities, and portaloos were also provided at all roadside encampments.


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