Investment on Dooncarton mountain prevents serious damage in North Mayo

A substantial investment of €1.5 million in the early 2000’s has paid off in Pollathomas in North Mayo, following heavy rainfall in the area last week.

Kinetic Fencing, a highly durable wire mesh made with steel upright poles and horizontal tensioning wires, was installed on Dooncarton mountain following devastating landslides in September 2003. Drainage and the creation of Berms higher up the mountain to divert heavy waterflow were also installed to provide further protection.

Heavy rainfall on Friday last, August 30, led to small landslides taking place on Dooncarton mountain for the first time since 2003 and following an inspection by Mayo County Council, the safety measures put in place proved successful.

Padraig Walsh, head of the West Mayo municipal District, confirmed that the safety measures did their job/ “The Kinetic fencing was installed following the undertaking of risk assessments in 2003 and until last week had not been fully tested by the threat of a landslide. While some of the more liquid elements were able to come through the fencing, it is designed to hold back the more solid elements which can cause significant damage.”


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