Ger Wolfe to play Westport

Cork Singer songwriter Ger Wolfe will play at The Creel Cafe , Westport Quay, on Saturday, May 18 at 8pm, admission €10.

Ger, who is highly regraded by both the media and fellow musicians having headlined the 'Folky Thing' concert at the 2017 Westport folk and Bluegrass Festival, and the festival's organising team are delighted to welcome him back to Westport.

Speaking about his music Ger says: " I write and sing songs about Life in all its twists and turns, light and shade, joy and sorrow, loss and gain. I travel to sing and play my songs and tunes far and wide and I’ve done this since I was a teenager, busking in Cork and Galway as a kid. Now I play in theatres, Folk Clubs and other venues that support live music, run by some of the superheroes of the live music scene.

"I love my Alhambra nylon-strung Spanish guitar and my new steel-strung Portuguese Fado guitar. That and my ould Guarnerius-copy Violin I bought off Jim O’Halloran in Carrigaline in 1991 and my Les Paul copy Epiphone electric guitar with the mellow fender valve amp. I love playing music and I love singing even more. You can’t move in our house without tripping over a mandolin or a piano, a harmonica or a banjo.

"I’ve released eight albums of my songs – my first Word & Rhyme (1998 ), followed by Ragged Ground (2000 ), Heaven Paints Her Holy Mantle Blue (2002 ) and The Velvet Earth (2005 ). No Bird Sang (2009 ), Fréamh ; Root (20011 ) and I Have Been Loved (2014 ). Myself and The New Skylarks have been working away here night and day for years."


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