Tips to declutter your wardrobe this New Year

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There is no better time of year to take charge and orchestrate some form of order to your wardrobe.

Over the year we've all accumulated unnecessary pieces from skirts to accessories so these tips aim to help you achieve your best wardrobe and a fresh start this fashion year!


Make a list of essential items in your fashion wardrobe. Workwear outfits, coats, boots, belts — each piece must fulfil a purpose in your day-to-day life or for occasion based events.

Think quality, and aim to only add clothing to your wardrobe that is durable, long-lasting, and functional (not forgetting a hint of style ).

Consider what your needs are with regard to your fashion wardrobe. Is your focus for leisure, work, or something in between? Cater to your individual taste and lifestyle.


If wardrobe space is limited or the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle is a priority on your New Year’s resolutions list, keeping items in your wardrobe that serve dual functions are a must.

Layering is a huge benefit here too. For example, if you have a top you love but which can only be worn alone on sunny days, why not warm up this look with layers underneath or over for an alternative and stylish look.

Remember to use what you have before overspending on unnecessary fashion pieces. Much of what you need can be found in most wardrobes with a hint of creativity and a versatile eye.


Organising the popular colours for the upcoming season and your own personal favourites to the primary part of your wardrobe will make the process of picking your perfect spring looks much more straightforward.

Pastels are a classic when it comes to spring as we are moving away from the richer shades associated with winter. Although still in winter right now, when February rolls around you will be ready.


A solid rule for clearing out a wardrobe is to analyse each item in reference to use and time. Have you used this item in the past six months, or even the past year? Do you plan to use it in the upcoming months? If you answer no then maybe it is best to donate these items of clothing, jewellery and accessories to a charity shop.

Thankfully Mayo has a number of easily accessible charity shops that accept donations of clean clothing in good condition. Not only will you avail of the new space in your wardrobe but you’re doing the world some good too.

In short, focus on the functionality of your wardrobe this year and think coherently about the items, looks and styles you bring in to make the process of finding and styling clothing a whole lot easier.


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