Dealing with hearing loss over the festive season

Christmas is a great time for the entire family to come together and enjoy some fun moments.

It is marked by endless chattering and the sound of kitchen utensils clattering; not to mention Santa coming to the little ones. While all these sounds add to the entertainment of the holiday season, they can also be a source of discomfort for people with hearing loss.

When it comes to festive, boisterous Christmas gatherings with family and friends, few things are as frustrating as being unable to hear. Whether it’s trying to hold a conversation with your in-laws at the dinner table, or having to ask people to repeat themselves over loud holiday music at a party, difficulty hearing can feel embarrassing, annoying - and might even keep some people from getting out of the house to socialise.

In addition to holiday dinners and parties, hearing impairment might even make phone calls with friends and family far away more difficult. Shorter days with dark evenings combined with cold weather can also exacerbate hearing loss, making it harder to see people and read their lips.

At The Hearing Company, Peter Maguire has vast clinical experience and his central Castlebar clinic is located in a purpose-built premises.

As Peter says: "There is no such thing as a regular hearing loss, everyone's circumstances are different. We don't just use the usual beep test to diagnose, we use several measures to test each part of the hearing system.

"This enables us to find the root cause of the hearing problem which makes it much easier to treat. At the Hearing Company we take time to carefully choose the right technology for that person based on their lifestyle needs.

"If you find you have been struggling to hear over the festive period, now may be the time to book an appointment for a hearing test. Wouldn't it be great to hear everyone clearly without feeling like you have to stay away from gatherings?"

To make an appointment with Peter call (094 ) 9025672 or you can drop into the clinic on Cavendish Lane, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.


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