Work for local contractors with Home Energy Saving Scheme

Green party candidate Fergus McAllister has welcomed the news that the Home Energy Saving Scheme is now open for business, not just for home owners but for qualified contractors in the west.

He said he will be visiting houses in Westport over the coming weeks with further practical information and tips on how people can save money and energy in their homes. He also wants to work with others to help make Westport a “Transition Town” and a showcase for carbon neutral living. If this plan was accepted by the Town Council he said it too could guarantee green jobs for contractors locally.

“Contractors in Mayo should register with Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI ) to avail of a valuable business boost,” he said. “The level of public interest in the scheme is such that contractors can be assured of work for themselves and for employees at this otherwise difficult economic time.”

Since the Home Energy Saving Scheme was announced, there has been an unprecedented level of interest from householders wishing to save money and energy by insulating their properties. Sustainable Energy Ireland has received 94,000 calls and website visits. Applications from home owners will start to be processed from this week.

McAllister said that the scheme is also good news for cost conscious consumers.

“Insulation is the single best way of saving money on energy,” McAllister said. “This scheme will see homeowners save up to €700 annually on their electricity bills. This, coupled with recent reductions in electricity prices is welcome news for consumers in these tight times.”

Householders and contractors can apply online at www.sei/hes or by calling the dedicated phone line 1850 927 000. The scheme is aimed at older houses that would not typically have the energy efficiency features of recently built homes. The scheme is open to all houses built prior to 2006. Houses built from 2006 onwards should be built to the Building Regulations 2002 standard, which specifies high quality insulation and heating controls.



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