Face Aesthetic Clinic brings top innovated skincare to the west of Ireland

Stephanie Coyne at Face Aesthetic, Chapel Street, Castlebar, introduces the latest skincare range from Image.

Image MD is normally only sold through a nurse or doctor, but given Stephanie Coyne’s extensive aesthetic and skin knowledge and experience, Image approached her to be one of only a small number of skin clinicians to stock its most advanced range.

Ms Coyne says: "The latest MD range has cutting-edge delivery systems, which enable active ingredients to reach the deeper layers of the skin in order to fulfil their function. Their unique delivery system allows controlled release of ingredients, enhances the stability of product penetration, reduces irritation, and increases effectiveness.

"It is a very exciting time for me to be trusted with such an active range. Image MD gets high-level results, without a prescription, yet the products are still safe for at-home use.

"This really completes their skincare offering. Image has a product for every skin problem, condition, and goal. It's important to the clinic that they offer the exact right products for each client and not a one-fits-all regimen.

"Image MD completes this now and it can be used as a full system for the Holy Grail of skin care or it can be added in to all sorts of regimens."

Fighting the signs of aging, Image MD products visibly firm the skin while working to effectively lighten unwanted skin discolouration.

Image MD is a complete skincare regimen designed to boost regular skin care protocol with medical grade science and technology. Ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, and lactic acic make the Image MD line a perfect choice for the long-term treatment of aging skin and hyper-pigmentation.

With this skincare come two very advanced in clinic peels for skin aging and perfection, along with a Beta Lift for higher grades of acne. The boosted level of potency provides results that can be clearly seen and felt.

Call Face Aesthetic Clinic today on (085 ) 8755586 to find out more and to book in for a free skin consultation.


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