People will see USC benefits this month

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has said that the USC changes introduced in Budget 2016 will be evident to many people who are getting paid for the first time in 2016 this month.

Mr Kenny said: “Budget 2016 introduced a cut to the USC for low to middle income earners from 7 per cent to 5.5 per cent, reducing the tax rate to below 50 per cent. The entry point into USC has also been increased to €13,000, exempting 90,000 low earners from the USC. All of these changes came into effect on January 1 and will be visible in pay packets this month. These changes to the USC, which will help spread the benefits of the recovery and will ensure that hard work pays, were opposed by Fianna Fáil; the high tax party."

The Taoiseach went on to say: “Since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs, over 135,000 jobs have been created. More people in work create the resources to cut taxes for working people and to invest in better services.

“Fine Gael has committed to eliminating the USC altogether during the term of the next Government. We have a long term plan to keep the recovery going and will continue to make responsible decisions to keep the economy strong."

He concluded: “USC changes introduced in Budget 2016 will make a small but significant difference to workers in all parts of the country. The Irish people have worked too hard to get to where we are, we cannot go back. Fine Gael is committed to getting people back to work and will use the resources created to reduce taxes and invest in vital services.”



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