Operation Transformation — don’t be dim

As you know, pedestrian safety is an issue that affects all of us. Whether it is a stroll around the corner, to a friend's house or work, or simply as exercise to clear the mind after a long day indoors – Irish people love to walk. Walking is not just an exercise, it affects our health, it is good for the environment, it improves our quality of life.

Mayo County Council road safety officer, Noel Gibbons is advising people: "We are all pedestrians at some time of day. Yet, this simplest of life's pleasures sometimes comes with a terrible cost. With Operation Transformation fever taking Ireland by storm, road safety advice is being issued to its participants. It is great to see so many people replacing the sofa with fresh air walks, people are reminded dark coloured clothing and coats may look chic, but at night or on cloudy days, they can make pedestrians almost invisible. Every year in Ireland, the majority of pedestrian fatalities occur at night or in low-light hours. There were 32 pedestrians killed on Irish roads in 2015, so just by making yourself visible to other road users we could reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries.

"Improving visibility means improving safety. That’s why the road safety department of Mayo County Council is urging pedestrians to 'see and be seen' this winter. Wearing light colours or reflective clothing is one of the simplest things pedestrians can do to keep themselves safe."



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