Shape up for Christmas

For those considering toning up and losing some inches in the run up to party season why not visit the Power Plate Studio, First Floor Unit 10, N5 Business Park, Castlebar, where you can achieve effective results in as little as 15 minutes a day.

According to Marie Jennings, owner of the Power Plate studio, she has one client, Grace, who joined at the beginning of October. Grace was a size 16 bordering on an 18 and wanted to lose weight before she travels to Australia in January. Grace has been attending Power Plate three times a week and has also changed her diet by eating less portions and having her largest meal before 4pm. Marie explained that Grace’s body shape has now completely changed as she is now a size 12 and has lost one stone and two pounds. Not alone is Grace down dress sizes, but her cellulite has also completely diminished and she is much more confident. Grace is now maintaining her figure by using Power Plates once to twice a week as she fully intends to continue to shed the inches. To achieve similar results contact [email protected] or call 086 053 8432.



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