Pobal Chill Chomáin meet with Norwegian Ambassador

Rossport residents Willie and Mary Corduff and Vincent McGrath, chairman Pobal Chill Chomáin, met with the Norwegian Ambassador in the Norwegian Embassy in Dublin on Wednesday, in a meeting which was facilitated by the justice and peace group Afri.

The meeting was set up after a letter was sent to the Ambassador about their concerns between the local Erris community, “Shell, and the wider Corrib consortium, which includes Statoil”. The group claim in their letter that “our community is under attack by an organised group that is targeting well-known opponents of the Corrib project”, and urge the Norwegian government and Statoil not to hide behind the developer but “take responsibility for any breaches of human rights and environmental law arising from the implementation of the Corrib project”.

Pobal Chill Chomáin state that they want to bring about an agreed resolution to the Corrib gas conflict.



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