Reclaim Glendad Beach party this weekend

Rossport Solidarity Camp have organised a Reclaim the Beach party on Glengad beach this weekend, Saturday August 9 and Sunday August 10.

Recently Shell has divided the beach in two with 12-foot-high security fencing in order to construct a causeway into the sea to facilitate the off-shore section of the Corrib gas pipeline.

The group hope that this weekend will be a weekend of fun for all and wish to send out the message that this beach belongs to the public and not to Shell.

“Shell security have taken to filming walkers and swimmers on the beach and this, along with the water discoloration from the Shell works, has resulted in less people using the beach in recent weeks,” a spokesperson for the group stated.

The gathering will begin at 3pm on both days and will include a sandcastle competition, tug of war and football as well as refreshments. For further details log onto



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