Create a simple workspace in your home

If the weather has you stranded at home, or just wishing you did not have to brave the elements, now might be the perfect time to consider creating a space from which to work from home.

And if you are working from home, you will quickly realise that having a dedicated space is vital to creating a clear border between home and professional life.

Not everyone has the luxury of a spare room that can be converted to a home office, but a well designed desk can turn a corner of your home into an office for use as and when you need it.

Consider everything you need — a desk, adequate lighting, storage for documents — and keep the space as compact as it needs to be. Shelves over a desk, or a desk that incorporates storage, will provide all you need without taking up much floor space.

The key is have an area that will put you in a working mindset, and reduce the distractions of home. Keep your workspace free of domestic clutter, and never use it for anything other than work.



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