Ten men and 30 hours and Eyre Square’s Big Wheel is back

In just its second appearance, the Ferris wheel in Eyre Square has become a seasonal part of the Galway city skyline, standing at 32 metres high.

The Big Wheel runs from mid-November right up to December 22, and will carry thousands of visitors over the next four weeks.

It was erected over two nights this week — taking 10 workers and 30 hours to install the enormous structure. However, once it is up, it illuminates the Christmas market and the surrounding area with its festive white lights. This, along with a merry-go-round, numerous stalls, and lights and decorations running the length and breadth of the surrounding streets, has already created a yuletide aura.

A spokesperson for the T Wilmot & Sons team, which is setting up the wheel, says it adds to the “Christmassy feel” of the area, thanks not only to the lights, but also to the great views of the market and the city - “something people cannot experience from the ground”.

Once again, the wheel will have its VIP gondolas and will be one of the most photographed items in Galway between now and Christmas Eve.



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