Moving house with children

Moving house is up there with some of the most stressful situations you will face in life. For children it can feel overwhelming, upset that they are leaving behind what they know and excitement about living somewhere new. We have a few tips to try if you are moving house with children.

Tell your children about the move before they hear it from someone else.

Get the children to help in the search for your new home. Ask for their opinion on what is important to them, you may get some way out suggestions like an indoor pool, a slide instead of stairs, but joking aside, you may be surprised at what they view as important. Have a bit of fun with the search by using the search filters on house sale websites.

Once you have settled on an area, go on a spy day. Check out the local amenities, see what activities are on offer locally and, if they are also moving schools, go and see what the local schools look like at home time.

If you are moving to a totally new area have a look at signing up for some team activities in advance or as soon as you get there. From football to theatre, judo to swimming, it will give your child a network of like minded individuals to make friends with. It will also give them something to look forward to about the move.

Have a clear out before making the move. Ask your child to help sort through, books, games, clothes and toys and see what can be given to friends, family or the local charity shop before you start the packing process. Reassure them of how nice it will be to have lots of room for the pieces they keep and have a special box for treasured possessions that they can take with them in the car on the day of the move.

If you decide to redecorate your new home, ask the children for their suggestions, not just for their own rooms but for other areas of the home too. If it is not possible to redecorate, even buying a new duvet cover and some prints for their new room can help make the transition seem exciting.

Before you leave, create a photo book of their old home and area. This will allow them to say goodbye and gives them a keepsake they can look back on.

Plan a sleepover or visit with current friends in advance of the move. Plan it for a couple of months after the move so you have time to settle in. Your child will love to show their friends around their new home and neighbourhood.

On the day of the move, make beds and bedding a priority. Having their own bed or bedding will be reassuring and make the new home seem familiar. Encourage them to unpack their treasured possessions box to make it feel more like home.

Best of luck if you are moving home. Check out for more house moving advice.



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