Public lecture to discuss Norman settlement in Aughrim

Galway Archaeological and Historical Society will host an illustrated lecture on the Norman settlement of Aughrim next week.

The lecture, entitled "Making a Manor — the Norman Settlement of Aughrim", will be given by Patrick Larkin in the Harbour Hotel, Dock Road, Galway on Monday December 12 at 8pm.

Throughout the 13th century, the English kings, the Irish barons, and the Gaelic chieftains in the region performed an un-choreographed dance around the River Shannon, each seeking to dominate the turbulent kingdom of Connacht. One hundred years after the Norman invasion of Ireland, following a generation of military prodding and political machinations, Connacht was finally invaded, opening the door for new Norman settlements.

The first stop was Aughrim, and a methodical plan was enacted to install the newcomers. Who they were and what they achieved is the subject of this illustrated lecture. The numerous names, and the standing of those people, speaks of the central importance of Aughrim in all that followed, during these attempts to produce a model settlement suitable for the Anglicization of the old kingdom.

Patrick Larkin is currently president of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.



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