Public meeting on what is happening in Venezuela

The revolutionary Venezuelan government, led by its charismatic president, the late Hugo Chavez, stood centre stage in the world more than a decade ago as a wind of political change blew throughout Latin America.

Now, three years after the death of President Chavez, the government of his successor, Nicolás Maduro, is on the back foot. President Maduro is facing a challenge via a constitutional referendum to force him from power, and last December his party, the United Socialist Party, lost its majority in parliament.

Galwegians will have the opportunity to get an eyewitness account of developments in Venezuela this Friday at 8pm in Richardson's, Eyre Square, when Scottish journalist, Paul Dobson, who is based in that Latin American country, will speak at a public meeting organised by the Venezuela Ireland Network.

Mr Dobson's talk will be entitled So what has happened to the socialist revolution in Venezuela? Admission is free and all are welcome.



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