Leading Scandinavian natural hair colour now available in Ireland

Naturigin organic based hair colour is completely new to the market. Made in Denmark without ammonia and parabens, the hair colours have much lower levels of PPDs than other leading brands. Naturigin is the market leader in Scandinavia, where health conscious consumers have long been demanding less harmful chemicals in personal care products. In fact, Naturigin is the only hair colour permitted to be sold in pharmacies in the Nordic countries.

“Irish consumers are now looking for more natural and healthier alternatives when it comes to cosmetics,” said Catriona Coyle, managing director of Simply Natural. “We are delighted to be working with Naturigin to fill this need.”

Since its launch in September the company has already signed up more than 100 pharmacies to stock the products and expects that number to rise rapidly as consumer awareness grows.

“I spent two years looking for a hair colour that worked that wasn’t full of harmful chemicals until I found Naturigin,” said Ms Coyle. “Realising there were lots of women like me in Ireland, I signed up the agency.”

Catriona Coyle was not put off by the idea of starting a new company in the middle of a recession. Women will always want to look good, and while €70 for a colour in a hair salon might not be justifiable these days, €10 for an easy to use home product is.

“The feedback from customers and pharmacists is great,” she said. “Women who could not use other hair colours because of sensitive skin are delighted with its gentle formula.”

Naturigin is stocked by pharmacists nationwide. Visit www.simply natural.ie



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