Notes for the season

New options for a new year

One of the great things about working in the fashion business is the constant sea of change. Our buyers in Brown Thomas, among the best in the arena, are always seasons ahead. While their personal style is always evolving and fresh, we mere mortals usually try to change things up a bit this time of year. So whether it’s your make up or your style, this is the perfect time to freshen up your look.

One big trend coming through is green: from emerald straight through to mint, and all the sea foams in between. Max Mara is currently doing to-die-for green dresses, flattering to any skin tone. These greens are so striking they are reminiscent of old Hollywood. On the runway the designers are working various shades together to breathtaking effect. It is easy to translate into everyday life and comes across so fresh and clean. Watch out for green in the accessories department in Brown Thomas throughout the hand bag and scarf selection, even incorporating one or two items in these shades gives a fun nod to the trend.

Have you vowed to take your skin care seriously this year? At BT we are all very excited (all right, maybe not all of us, but the hardcore skin junkies are ) about YSL's just launched Forever Youth Liberator. Scientifically driven, it acts on three key functions of the skin, the cell surface, inside the cell, and between the cells. It increases epidermal thickness, for radiance, produces proteins, elastins to target wrinkles, and my favourite skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid, to plump. Come into the YSL counter and ask Eleanor to try it on you.

Denim, always an easy place to start when rethinking your style, offers a quick change to freshen things up. If you are a dark wash kind of girl, invest in the lighter, and vice versa. I had no idea how many dark pairs of denims I owned until I bought a pair of knee high grey suede boots (this will make sense, keep reading ). I could not, for the life of me, find a single pair of denims that worked with the boots in my wardrobe. I looked like I was about to board a space craft with pair after pair. Eventually I partnered with the girls on the denim wall and found the perfect pair of Sevens, lightweight and light wash, they have a grey fading on the front thigh, so crises averted dear reader. (I couldn’t have returned those boots to Sadie, it was a happy and victorious moment for us all in the shoe department when I actually bought a pair of boots in my size. )

It is so easy to get into a fashion or cosmetic rut. If your friends or the people you work with often say things like “I saw a bag/dress/coat that was so you,” it might be time to change things up a bit. With the sale almost over and spring summer delivering, come into Brown Thomas and have a look at what might work for you this year.



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