Beware of ‘Independent’ Fianna Fail/PD candidates says Cameron

Cllr Billy Cameron

Cllr Billy Cameron

“Do not trust the horse, Trojans. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts,” so wrote the great Roman poet Virgil. Labour councillor Billy Cameron might paraphrase it as: “Do not trust independents, Galwegians. Whatever it is, I fear they may be hiding their true colours.”

Cllr Cameron has taken a swipe at the “flotilla of so-called ‘independents’ which have emerged” in Galway over the last number of months by claiming that most of them are really secret supporters of the current Government.

“In my ward of Galway City Central we have two so called ‘independents’,” said Cllr Cameron. “One has canvassed with Fianna Fáil on a previous occasion and been openly endorsed by a former Fianna Fáil mayor of Galway. The other is a former PD who stood previously in 2004.”

The Labour man also criticised Fianna Fáil councillor Michael J Crowe, who was originally elected as an Independent in 2004.

“Galway should take heed of the lesson learnt after the 2004 election when ‘Independent’ Michael Crowe donned the non-party shirt and topped the poll,” he said. “Cllr Crowe was shy to wear the real colours of his political allegiance, the public were not aware as to where was his true political home.”

Councillors Terry O’Flaherty, Donal Lyons, and Declan McDonnell became independents around the time the PDs imploded. However Cllr Cameron is asking voters to question them on their past allegiances.

“Voters have to ask where were they when the Ahern/McCreevy/Harney Government was permitting the banking and construction sectors to spiral out of control and create a dire and dangerous position for the future of our people.

“They stood shoulder to shoulder with their seniors in government and sang the praises of a doomed policy. Voters must ask where were they during the long years and failed actions of their former colleagues?”



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