Fewer than half happy with home broadband performance

Customer satisfaction with home broadband performance has dropped since last year, according to the independent and impartial price comparison and switching service, Switcher.ie

The findings show that less than half of us (47 per cent ) are satisfied with the overall performance of our home broadband, down from 54 per cent last year.

The overall decline does shield some bright spots, however, with broadband providers clearly upping their game in key areas such as value for money and technical support.

Satisfaction with technical support has increased by 4 per cent to 63 per cent, and 62 per cent are happy with the customer support offered from their broadband provider, up from 59 per cent last year.

The majority (63 per cent ) are satisfied with the value for money they get from their providers. However, fewer than half (49 per cent ) are satisfied with their provider’s additional customer benefits package.

Despite the drop in overall satisfaction, switching figures show that almost three quarters of us have stuck with our broadband providers. Almost a quarter of the broadband-buying population have never switched provider, but 28 per cent say they switched broadband providers within the last year, up 4 per cent on the previous year.

When it comes to switching, price remains the biggest driver, followed by broadband speed. Just one in 10 households are driven to switch due to their data allowance, despite the popularity of streaming services. At the same time, people are becoming more concerned with providers’ reputation and reliability, with 15 per cent saying this was a factor, up from just 10 per cent last year.

The data also reveals the important role broadband speed plays in determining people’s overall satisfaction with their broadband. Those with speeds above 101Mbps are considerably happier than the average broadband customer, with 64 per cent saying they are satisfied with their home broadband performance.

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