Manage your own tax details with Revenue’s new app

As employers issue P60 certificates to their employees during the next few weeks, Revenue is encouraging taxpayers to use online PAYE Services in ‘myAccount’ - the quick, easy, and convenient way to check all your tax details.

Managing your tax affairs while on the move is becoming easier. Using any smart device, you can register your first job; tell Revenue about a new job or any additional income; make sure you have claimed all your tax credits; claim tax back; declare income; or divide your tax credits and rate bands for 2017. Already, more than 52,000 taxpayers have used the new facility to register a new job quickly and easily online in order to avoid emergency tax.

You can use the new RevApp to access myAccount, MyEnquiries, calculators and tools, and a receipts tracker. Upload your receipts information and images to Revenue storage and you do not have to keep the original receipt.

Revenue is making it as easy and straightforward as possible for taxpayers to manage their tax conveniently. For more information visit



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