Audi reveals all-new R8 Coupe Irish pricing

Audi Ireland has announced pricing and equipment details for its mid-engined, high-performance sports car, the all-new Audi R8 Coupe.

The second-generation model of this iconic supercar will be available in Ireland from October 2015, with a starting price of €231,500 for the V10 model; and €263,000 for the V10+. Orders will open in September through Audi Ireland’s exclusive R8 retailer and repairer, Audi Centre in Ballsbridge.

Audi says that the car improves upon its first-generation predecessor in every possible way. With its 5.2 FSI engine, the 610hp R8 V10+ accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 3.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 330 km/h.

Thanks to the ground-breaking multi-material Audi Space Frame (ASF ) chassis, both the V10 and V10+ models weigh 50kg less than the first-generation R8. This weight reduction comes despite the inclusion of extra class-leading equipment.

According to Audi, the quattro drive system of the R8 has been fully re-developed. The intelligent all-wheel drive software continually distributes torque to where it’s needed, resulting in breathtaking performance. The extremely dynamic chassis and adjustable electronic stability control (ESC ) can be exploited with Audi Drive Select through a choice of four modes (comfort, auto, dynamic and individual ).

As standard, the all-new R8 features Audi’s quattro drive system, 19” alloys, LED headlights, and rear dynamic turn signals.

Managing Director of Audi Ireland, Christian Gussen, said the all-new R8 is “the zenith of Audi’s commercial sports car engineering and design”.

“The second-generation Audi R8 is the fastest and most powerful commercial sports car that we have ever produced. Combining impressive speed, a powerful, high-performance engine and lightweight design, the all-new R8 is a dynamic, exhilarating drive,” he said.



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