Shiver me timbers! Dean Crowe panto Treasure Island marks the spot

Prepare to be swept away by the most exciting roller-coaster of a pantomime this season when the Dean Crowe Theatre presents its new year production of Treasure Island from Thursday January 12 to Sunday January 15, 2012.

Down at rehearsals the company is busy with the riggin’ as the good ship Irish Rover prepares to set sail on a quest to find the hidden treasure. The combination of old seadogs and innocent landlubbers make this show a must-see event as our hero, Jim Hawkins and his friends engage the services of Captain Deck and her able seawomen to go in search of riches beyond their wildest dreams.

Tagging along is the devious Long John Silver and his conniving crew of pirate misfits who plan to out-fox our Jim and make off with the treasure when they land on Christmas Island.

Hostile to the sudden arrival of foreign gold-diggers, Queen Latifah offers a cool reception, but eventually yields to the hapless bunch. However when the treasure is revealed, a wild scramble ensues and after a few scary moments with pistols firing in all directions, the tale comes to a (hopefully ) happy conclusion.

The cast involves over 100 local people of all ages with a chorus of 45 children and another 45 young adults whose amazing energy will add sparkle and vigour to the spectacle. The principal characters are made up mainly of some 15 theatrical has-beens who are desperately seeking notice and hope they will be “spotted” by a passing impresario.

Putting all the company through their paces are Kori Kilduff, director, and Claudia O’Sullivan, choreographer. Both ladies jointly made their panto debut last year with their successful production of Sleeping Beauty. Coming from families steeped in theatrical and musical history, Kori and Claudia have performed on stage since they first walked and have recently completed academic studies in the field. They recently turned down staging some of the opening ceremony at the London Olympics in order to devote all their time to Treasure Island.

The show will be jam-packed with a blend of popular West End show-stoppers and some of today’s chart hits. Add in the witty dialogue and a twisted plot and you have all the ingredients for a fast, lively and breath-taking adventure that will make The Pirates of the Caribbean look like a leisurely Shannon cruise.

Watch this space for further details including a caustic profile of those celebrity wannabes. Performances will be at 7.30pm on Thursday January 12 To Saturday January 14 with matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday at 2.30pm.

For more information or to book tickets log on to or call (090 ) 6492129.



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